Fiona Emma DEBAISIEUX (Mouscron/Belgium), 12 years.

With her artwork Fiona Emma presents us a scientific topic which she is particularly passionate about: How the bodies of living creatures are composed – with a particular accent on their skeletons. […]


Fiona Emma crated the skeleton of a cat, using natural as well as technological materials (branches – light bulbs, cables). For a cat the special construction of the skeleton is indispensabe for its survival –  to be able to run, jump, … the bones also protect vulnerable parts of the body, such as the heart.

Fiona Emma’s artwork calls us to reflect upon the following question: What kind of “bones” does our society need to survive and to cope with the challenges of today’s world?


Foto above (during the creation of the sculpture): Fiona Emma (left) and the Berlin artist Roman Kroke (director of the workshop) are working together to contruct the spine of the cat RIGOLOTTE.