Sun is for everyone

by Ana-Maria MARCU (Suceava/Romania), 17 years.

Ana-Maria’s artwork shows a fascinating amalgam of two universes: on the one hand her own research presented at ESI 2015 – on the other hand, more universal reflections about how to build a society of mutual respect. […]


For her artwork, Ana-Maria transformed an old printer into house.

On the one hand, this sculpture refers to her own scientific research which consisted in developing an auto-sufficient house exclusively powered by solar-energy. At the same time, the house constitutes a universal metaphor: The house stands for a place – for instance a city, a state or the entire world – where people of most different origins and backgrounds live together under the same “roof”. This symbolic dimension of the house, Ana-Maria expressed by the collage fixed on its roof: Text and photo extracts from newspapers referring to social and political issues.


A peaceful co-existence and sustainable development can only be achieved if people realize that despite our differences we all share and depend on certain common grounds. The paper “printed” out of the house provides a concrete example: SUN is a pre-condition for everybody’s life. Just like the access to other natural resources to assure existential needs or the respect for basic human rights.


Photo above: Ana-Maria discussing the concept of her artwork with the Berlin artist Roman Kroke (director of the workshop).