“Robot Princess” meets “1 out of 7”

by Atala Marina CALCANEO (Mexico, 9 years), Arnaud VAN DAM, Eléonore LIPNICK (Brussels/Belgium, both 24 years) and an unknown visitor …

This installation provides an exemple of how the workshop promoted interaction between its participants and other visitors of the exhibition: Two artworks which, in the beginning, were created independently of each other by different participants were later put together by a third person giving to it an additional meaning […]



Foto below: The first element of the installation was created by Atala Marina from Mexiko (10 years): a robot princess!


Independently from this work,  ……. and Arnaud (both from Belgium) later created an installation highlighting the growing gap between people leading an affluent lifestyle and those suffering from hunger.



An unknown visitor then later took Atala Marina’s robot princess and placed her in front of the installation with her back facing towards the empty plates. People interpreted this arrangement as a symbol of the widespread ignorance towards the hunger crisis in the world; numbed by our own prosperity, we often take for granted that we don’t have to worry any more about daily existential needs.