“Fusion of Stands”

by Alyssa HUIJNEN and Thomas DUMONCEAU (Oupeye/Belgium), 14 years.

With their work Alyssa and Thomas illustrate that artistic creation can promote the meeting of people from different origins and unite different scientific topics in one installation. […]


From the letters of the keyboard they formed the names of the people from three different stands which were present at the Science exhibition this year in Brussels (2015). By arranging them on the same monitor screen they wanted to express that international exhibitions like the ESI can be a precious forum of exchange between people from different backgrounds. Their artwork also encourages the visitors to ask themselves the following question: Where are the connections and meeting points between the many topics from different stands?


Alyssa and Thomas decided to represent a few of the scientific topics on the monitor screen: For instance, the tree made out of computer cables addresses the issue of finding a careful balance between the preservation of nature and technological progress. By changing the angle of the monitor, the  visitors could play with the reflections on the screen, this way integrating the sourrounding stands into the artwork.